Saturday, August 7, 2010

My first blog post

Today is a very special day,as I am starting to blog after long persuasion which eventually turned into threat from my best friend Aparna.My blog,will not be just a space where I would vent out or babble,nor a diary entry to share with the world,but a deep conscious effort to be truthful. I would let my soul speak for me, recollecting memories buried in me,reflecting tales of pain,love and joy,when  I connect to myself deep inside, exploring that moment where MADNESS just becomes  NECESSARY.


Maverick said...

Congratulations...finally i get to read sumthng frm sum1 who dey say has been following my work fr quite sumtime....welcome to da world of blogging! wish ya luck! tc! :)

crystal gal said...

mav,thanq for the comment..and yes,u r truly an inspiration.ur poems r one of the most unforgettable ones i have ever read..

Aparna said...

great start for your blog! Get going...!!

i am honoured that you mentioned about me in your blog :)

«╬♥●๋•★кเѕђσяΞ★ TERLI said...

ur posts is awwsum
gud creative work

dear chwt crystal ur the one with a new difrent luk welll lastly b'careful while blogging
all the best

kishore tvk said...

hope u continue blogging .. we love ur posts here and ur poetry too.
we wish to see u often on blogger than on notes of facebook